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After school running and self-development program for boys

We can do better, and our boys deserve better. Together, we can give every boy the tools to know his own worth and value, to respect himself AND others. We can teach our boys to value every life and make an impact for good in their own communities.


Started in 2015, Young Tritons believes boys need to know how very much they matter, they need men pouring their time and attention to them and showing them the way. Boys are underperforming academically and personally - there is a connection between a decline of positive role models in their lives and an increase of negative role models in their everyday life via social media. Boys see and hear what they can become just like all humans. If they only see a negative role model - how will they know which path to follow in life?


Young Tritons Running Club brings adults from the community to volunteer their time with a team of boys after school. Those Coaches use running as a catalyst for boys to feel safe enough to share their feelings, their fears, their hopes and their dreams. Traditionally, boys have been taught to hide their feelings and to certainly NOT cry. We can do better for the boys in our lives and we believe Young Tritons can teach the next generation how to safely express their feelings and run after their dreams and goals in life WHILE respecting all human beings.





We need you - without your help, we can not serve the boys waiting to participate. Young men living in our poorest communities have the coaches to participate but we don't have the funds to bring our afterschool program to them.


Will you donate today to help us ensure the next generation of men fully embrace respect, dignity, honor and the right of all human beings to live happy and free from harm?


Thank you for being a part of a solution and investing in the next generation - they are our future and if we want a different one,

we need to do something.