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After school running and self-development program for boys


In the 17th Century, John Donne wrote, "No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main," No man - or boy- is completely independent. We are all connected. We all rely on and support each other. We are all a part of numerous communities. We are family members, employees and employers, volunteers, and participants in all sorts of groups. However, to do so effectively requires many diverse skills. The boys we raise are also parts of various communities and "teams." For our boys to be their best, we need to teach them explicitly how to be engaged, respectful, empathetic, and strong team and community members. This begins by helping them recognize what it means to be a part of a team. That is what Young Tritons is all about - using movement to teach the skills needed for our boys to grow up into the men we ALL need them to be.


All of our curriculums follow a six-week pattern that develops inner and outer strength. From learning basic running drills to creating and implementing a community service project, boys learn the value of taking care of themselves so they are able to take care of others. 


The different themes within Young Tritons curriculums are below. 



We are Strong. 

Trident Of Strength = Heart, Mind, And Body. 

Learning the different parts of a strong team and how by listening to their inner voice, Young Tritons can get to know their multifaceted strength. 


Be Good To Yourself

Young Tritons learn how their inner voice impacts their self-image which leads to the ability or inability to support others on their teams, and feel secure in the strengths they bring to any team



Empathize THIS....Standing In Someone  Else's Shoes.

Young Tritons develop cooperation skills and become empowered to make a positive difference in their community. 


Balanced Ph = Balanced Physical Health 

Boys learn that food is fuel for living a full life and that being uncomfortable is sometimes required to reach a goal. Finding balance while getting strong is key. 


The finish line is JUST the beginning. Boys get emotionally and mentally race day ready and perpared to be Young Tritons forever. 

As men, depending on the choices we make and how our choices shape our thoughts and feelings, we can relate to elements of Young Triton’s journey. For young boys, it is often easier to get pulled into poor choices or behaving in ways simply to be accepted by friends. Choosing to do what is right and to be genuine and authentic to one’s self is challenging for all of us. The goal of this program is to help every boy to become emotionally and physically balanced through self-compassion, empathy, and cooperation - creating a broadened definition of strength. 


"So often in after-school enrichment programs, we simply need skilled, caring, committed and thoughtful adults as sponsors, coaches and teachers – regardless of gender or age. The Young Tritons Running Club is a unique experience with special goals; in fact, its goals are specific to boys becoming men. Teaching young boys how to become well-rounded, feeling, empathetic young men demands more than enthusiastically delivering well-constructed activities. Our boys need role models that demonstrate behaviors we hope to see them develop. We want the Young Tritons to see adult men living the goals of the program. We certainly hope that the women in the boys’ lives can support the goals of the program in their roles and mothers, caretakers and teachers. However, the YTRC depends on the active, devoted leadership of men as coaches and role models. Our boys need to see what they shall become." - Mark Janda, Co-Writer, Young Tritons Running Club