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After school running and self-development program for boys


"Our boys need role models now more than ever. I believe we can teach boys what it means to be heart-strong, mind-strong, and body-strong. When boys know how much strength they have in so many different ways they will become proud of themselves and their sense of self-respect will carry them through life. It's not rocket science, boys just want someone to follow. I believe in all kids and will do everything I can to help them achieve their dreams and goals. In Young Tritons, I was able to see my boys unleash their minds and see how much they can do...and I love 'The Finish Line is Just The Beginning' because it really is! My boys have so much confidence now and belong to something". 

- Darren McDonald, Principal El Toro Elementary, and Young Tritons Coach



"I kept my team together almost every time we ran.  This was important

because this is what them what it meant to be a team, a concept none of them

understood and the most important vehicle to teach them about heart and mind

strength.  Built into that was the understanding of body strength as

endurance, not just speed.  It took five weeks for them to become a team.

Five weeks and a lot of push-ups. In week 6 we became a team and they were

supporting and communicating with one another as a team.  So on race day we

ran as a team. We ran as one team for the entire 5k.  And we finished as a

team, all at once.  And this was beautiful and inspiring."

-Coach Ben




"This morning Avery, important, to have an activity, made available, that takes boys on this journey, of ultimate accomplishment.  I’m so grateful, to you and the staff, that gave their time, to this amazing program.  I was thrilled, that Avery followed through, and made it to the finish line. Go Triton’s, Go Del Mar Elementary, the Best School Ever!!!!" read me, the ‘Triton’ cards, that he filled out, preparing him for the race, they are lovely and introspective.  I am so happy, that Del Mar, now has the ‘Triton Running Club’ for the boys, so 

-Mom of a Young Triton